Noise and Vibration Control; We Are Solution Specialists

Vibra-Sonic Control was established in 1980 under the premise that a company which specialized solely in ‘high-end’ Noise and Vibration Control products could not only be viable but would also fill a significant void in the market. We are not a commodity sales organization but rather Noise Control Product Specialists who work directly with Architects, Professional Engineers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Interior Designers, Facility Managers, Property Managers and Contractors to ensure that those products that we sell are going to be effective for a given, specific application in Commercial, High Rise Residential, Industrial, Utility and Marine markets. Our products and services are not generally available to the general public and enquiries from this sector of the market are respectfully discouraged.

Industry Leaders

In Western Canada, at this time, we are the leading provider of Vibration Isolation products and Sound Masking Systems. In Canada, we are considered the authority in the field of Seismic Restraint of Resiliently Mounted Systems.

Noise/Vibration Control Products and Systems

To name but a few of the Noise/Vibration Control Products and Systems that we provide:
Acoustical Foams; Limp Mass Barriers (Barium Impregnated Vinyl, high STC); Composite Foam/Barriers; Extensional and Constrained Layer Damping Materials and Compounds; Micro-perforated aluminum sheet for outdoor and potential fire applications in conjunction with fire-rated ceramic based acoustical foams; Floating Floors (from closed cell neoprene strip under plywood to 6” concrete on spring (or air spring)); Isolation clips and components for floating walls; Neoprene, LDS Rubber and Spring equipment, piping and ceiling hangers; Neoprene and Bridge Bearing Quality Neoprene, standard or Seismically Rated equipment isolators; Standard or Seismically Rated Spring and Air Spring Vibration Isolators; Code compliant and ‘Post-Disaster Designed’ Seismic Snubbers; Noise reducing flexible connectors (elastomeric and Stainless Steel), expansion compensators, guides, anchors and motion compensating components for piping systems; High temperature isolating guides, anchors and support mounts for high temperature steam and engine exhaust applications, Seismic Slack Cable sets and so on.

Seismic Restraint Specialists

From an Engineering perspective, we calculate the higher level seismic anchorage requirements associated with isolated, ‘floating’ systems. With critical building component (ie: Emergency Generator and Power Transformer) Suppliers and O.E.M.s, we not only calculate in-house the anchorage to meet or exceed ‘Post Disaster’ Seismic Code requirements but also send out the base equipment data and our calculations to an Independent Structural Engineer who specializes in Seismic Restraint of ‘Operational and Function building Components (OFCs) for his review and certification under seal. In most cases, we will run our calculations based on an earlier, more conservative code while the Independent Engineer runs the calcs on the most current code. This provides an important cross-check for us, the Independent Engineer and the Building Owner and Occupants.

Leaders in Sound Masking

In the Sound Masking field, we have systems specifically designed to deliver acoustically modified ‘Pink Noise’ which generates a sound spectrum that significantly reduces speech intelligibility through a single speaker in a reception area to an array of thousands of speakers dispersed throughout a multi-storey Office Tower. The latter also offer zone(s)-specific paging and music as on-board DSP options. Further, we have direct access to large matrix DSPs for large and/or sprawling buildings and complexes.
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  • Electrical Contractors Association of BC
  • Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta
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  • Canadian Acoustical Association
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