Vibra-Sonic Control is proud of being the Western Canadian representatives for Mason Industries for over 34 years. Much of our success in the fields of noise, vibration and seismic control is due to our direct relationship with Mason, whose products are specified by Consultants and Architects here and throughout the world because of their high quality/reliability and because of the underlying engineering support that Mason provides.
Vibration is the source of all airborne sound and, hence, vibration induced ‘noise’ needs to be considered and addressed first and foremost in the installation of any mechanical or electrical equipment

The list below outlines the main categories of vibration isolation products that we offer. To view a category of interest to you, page links are located on the navigation bar on the left.




-Building Isolation, Floating Floors, Floating Walls, Acoustical Ceiling Isolation

Spring Mounts

-Vibration Isolation and Seismic Restraint for Floor Mounted Equipment


Neoprene Mounts & Pads

-Vibration Isolation Seismic Restraint for Floor and Wall Mounted Equipment



Isolation Hangers

-Vibration Isolation for Ceiling Suspended Equipment and Systems (Piping, Ductwork)



-Seismically Rated Concrete Anchors for Securing Isolators to the Structure



Bases, Rails & Curbs

-Used under Floor Mounted Equipment to Increase Vibration Isolation Efficiency and to Stiffen Equipment Support Points

Elastomeric Connectors

-Noise & Vibration Isolation Control and Expansion Compensation for Piping


Stainless Steel Hose & Expansion Joints

-Noise, Vibration, Expansion and Offset Motion Control for Piping


Ball Joints

-Used to Accommodate Expansion and Offset Motion in piping, particularly in High Pressure Steam Piping Applications

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Specialty Mounts
-Stainless Steel Mesh Vibration Isolating Mounts and Guides for Plumbing and Exhaust in Marine, Steam or High Temperature Applications
-Mounts Manufactured Specifically for Vibra-Sonic Control Including Elevator Isolation Products