Many of our Sound Masking applications are customized with Ambient Sensing, Paging and Music. Vibra-Sonic Control provides the necessary hardware and programming for these customizations, however for music, clients generally find utilizing their existing sources such as iPods most cost effective and convenient.

Ambient Sensor

Ambient Sensor1

When combined with the DSP8807, the ambient sensors are capable of managing sound levels in each of the 8 zones. A single CAT5e cable up to 1,000 feet long connects the processor to the sensing microphone. These microphones provide automatic adjustments of the masking level based on real-time noise levels.

Practical Applications:

Call Centres
Public Health Waiting Areas
Open Plan Environments
Large Work Rooms

Paging Microphone

The DSP Systems 8807, 2212 and 2210 all have the capability to connect with a paging microphone in order to page to specific zones or all zones. Additionally, DSPs 8807 and 2212 are able to stream paging to zones belonging to other connected DSPs.

Telco Paging

For offices that need a large number of paging zones, the DSP 8807 offers Telco Paging. This system utilizes your existing phone system to offer up to 99 independent or combined paging zones.

All aspects of signal routing, processing and prioritization are administered through an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) managed via a local Windows based laptop or desktop computer.

The software has the ability to expand to over 250 systems with over 2,000 zones. It provides the ability to set up “all zone” page, “group zone” page and “single zone” page. An architectural dialing plan (2-digit DTMF) is in the GUI. AVB Networking (Audio Video Bridging) allows distribution of paging between multiple DSP8807 and DSP2212 units across TCP/IP data networks.